Terms & Conditions

All customers of the gaming room who have received coupons for participation are allowed to participate in the bonus games.

(1) The coupons for participation, which are not certification signs for participation in gambling games, shall be given depending on the bets made on the slot machines and facilities.

– for every 50 (fifty) BGN played. with a personal customer card and for every 100 (hundred) BGN played. Without a customer card, the customer receives one coupon to participate in the weekly bonus game.

– for every 1000 (thousand) BGN played. The client receives one coupon to participate in the monthly bonus game.

(2) The customer receives a coupon filled in with name and surname and releases it in a transparent urn specially adapted for the purpose for drawing the premiums.

(3) Each coupon shall contain the following requisites:

– coupon number;

– date of issue;

– customer data – name and surname;

Art.2. Bonus games are held in the premises of the game room, in the presence of all customers who have shown interest in it. The drawing is made by the manager of the hall, who stirs in the urn, constantly stirs the coupons and without looking takes out a coupon for each announced bonus. If the client whose coupon has been withdrawn is not present at the time of withdrawal, a re-withdrawal is made until the withdrawal of a customer present in the hall. The manager of the hall announces the winning coupons and the names of the winning customers and awards the prizes. After the withdrawal and payment of the bonuses in the weekly and monthly bonus game, all coupons are destroyed.

Art.3. Bonus games are not allowed to include persons who:

– do not have tickets filled in with personal data (name, surname and date) in the withdrawal pot;

– are missing from the hall during the draw at the appointed time;

– employees of the organizing company.

Art.4. The person responsible for the lawful conduct of bonus games is the manager of the gaming room.

Art.5. Promotional tickets (playable tickets) are used in the game room. The promotional ticket cannot be redeemed at a cash desk or by a croupier and its value can only be played on the gaming facilities in the game room.

Art.6. The earned bonuses are received after comparing the data from the customer’s identity document with those from the withdrawn card.

Gaming club with address: city Sofia, Младост 1А”, bl. 502

1. Bonifications.

(1) The organizer shall provide each willing client with a personal customer electronic card with RFID (chip). The card has a unique number and is part of the NEXIO system, type JPHW-6, with identification No 574951005, operated in the game room.

(2) The system stores information about the total pledged and paid funds of the client, as well as a counter of points, which depends on the amount played by the client of the slot machines and equipment included in the system.

(3) Depending on the accumulated points, the client receives different bonifications.

1.1. New customer:

Each new client of the site in the first 4 (four) days from the date of registration receives a customer card and the following bonification: once a day gives 50 (fifty) BGN. and receives a bonification – a promotional ticket worth BGN 100 (one hundred).

1.2. Transferred bonifications:

For each accumulated and transferred 1000 (thousand) points, each client receives a bonification in the amount of BGN 10 (ten). The bonification takes the form of a promotional ticket. The point counter on the card is reduced by the corresponding number of points transferred.

1.3. Bonification Loyal customer (Discount Cash Back).

In case of a lost amount over BGN 1,000 (thousand), the customer is entitled to receive an additional bonus the next day in the amount of:

– 10 (ten) % of the amount played (lost) when playing with a customer card and

– 5 (five) % of the amount played (lost) when playing without a customer card.

The bonus cannot be redeemed at checkout or by a croupier. It can only be played on the slot machines.

1.4. Bonification NEXIO.

When playing with a client card of each of the included in the NEXIO gaming equipment and lost once 50 (fifty) BGN. the base game is stopped and an additional screen with 4 (four) boxes is initialized. Each of the scrolls contains one of the following bonifications – 5, 10, 20 or 50 BGN. Bonification takes the form of a promotional credit that can only be played. The customer chooses one of the boxes and wins the bonification that is in it. After selecting the client, the gaming facility returns to the mode in which it was interrupted.

1.5. Bonification “Deal or not”.

It is held from Thursday to Sunday from 19:00 to 23:00. Winnings range from 10 to 200 BGN at random. Any client who plays with a client card at any of the gaming facilities included in the NEXIO system during this period will be able to participate. Every day from Thursday to Sunday there will be 10 winners, and each winner has one chance to risk the initial win and try to win a higher amount, but a smaller amount may also be received. The amount won falls automatically through the system and is loaded as a credit to the winning customer’s slot machine. The amount must be rolled over once before the customer takes it out of the machine. After selecting the client, the gaming facility returns to the mode in which it was interrupted.

2.Weekly bonus game (TOROULETTE).

The weekly bonus game takes place every Monday at 20 00 hours, with all coupons collected so far.

The coupon for participation consists of two identical parts in which the numbers from 0 to 36 are located. The customer marks 5 (five) identical numbers in both parts of the coupon.

At 20 00 p.m, 5 (five) numbers are drawn using the electronic roulette operated in the game room. All customers who have guessed 3 (three) of the drawn numbers divide a cash premium in the amount of BGN 1000 (thousand).

All customers who guessed 4 (four) of the drawn numbers divide a cash premium in the amount of BGN 2000 (two thousand).

All customers who guessed 5 (five) of the drawn numbers divide a cash premium in the amount of an accumulation premium starting from BGN 3000 (three thousand).

If none of the customers has guessed 3, 4 or 5 numbers from the cumulative bonus for the next draw is increased by 500 (five hundred) BGN. The maximum amount of the cumulative premium is BGN 15,000 (fifteen thousand).

3.Monthly bonus game.

The monthly bonus game is held every 16 th day of the month at 20:00 pm , giving away 1 (one) bonus with accumulation starting from 2000 (two thousand) BGN. 30 (thirty) coupons are drawn consecutively (if there are less than 30 coupons, all of them are withdrawn). Each holder of a drawn coupon says a different number from 0 to 36. Wait for the completion of the current spin of the electronic roulette, then make an empty spin and monitor the next valid spin of the roulette. If roulette registers an invalid launch, a new one is made. If there is a customer who has guessed the number, it wins the premium cumulatively. If there is no guesser, then the cumulative premium for the next withdrawal is increased by BGN 2000 (by two thousand). The maximum amount of the cumulative premium is BGN 10,000 (ten thousand).

Cash and object prizes for additional (bonus) games are at the expense of the organizer.